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Posted on 14 April 2016

The story behind your clients

We all know that each client has his own story, but too many times sellers don’t understand the necessity of knowing it. They are more focused on where the business is going and not on where to lead it.


So it’s said that in order to work on improving your people-skills, you have to think of how you start you pitches.  Do you usually emphasise the “what” or the “why” factor?


This difference can make you change or improve your technique by thinking outside the box and helping you concentrate around the story behind a certain product or a certain result. A professional seller will always try to understand it in order to improve a client’s business.


For example, most of the people working in sales try to find out what are their clients looking for, what is their budget, what are the main features the clients look for, how did they find out about them, etc.


However, these questions only help us understand what to do and not how to do it. Instead, let’s assume that the client would be addressed differently. For example, why does a client think about buying a new apartment?


This way, you will be able to find out what went wrong, what they fear, what the customers want to avoid and what they will actually need from you. Maybe some of the customers are not even aware of these things, but a professional seller will know how to spot them.


Were the clients not satisfied with the location or maybe it was not too child friendly? All the answers they provide will help you come up with the best solution. The more you let them talk, the more bullets you will have on your TO-DO list for their ultimate satisfaction.


So, by asking a simple question such as “Why”, you can unlock extremely important pieces of information that will dictate the course of your further interactions. Understanding the context will allow you to approach the clients taking into account their specific needs and not the general ones.


Before you meet your new client make sure you have a list of questions prepared and that the list will help you understand exactly the story behind your client’s needs and not just what they want you to know.


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