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Posted on 13 December 2016

What do clients want to hear?

All sellers are well aware of the fact that certain expressions or simple words are taboo for clients as they could bore them, offend them or provoke them to end the conversation, while others instantly create a positive attitude that will be advantageous for both parties.

One of the most common mistakes a seller can make is to create pompous or exaggerated speeches, as the client prefer them short and informative. They don’t want to waste their time and they certainly don’t like arrogant approaches.

So what should a seller avoid?

-          Trying to sell themselves as an expert, as a specialist, using a never-ending monologue

-          Burying the clients or the prospects in too many questions. While interest is always seen a plus, the line between being helpful and just being nosy is very thin

-          Talking only about offers, prices and advantages. It will only sound like a classic sell that no prospect is ever in the mood for

-          Making the client lose precious time without actually finding out what they need to make a decision

On the other hand, there are certain things that will make a client become curious, interested and ready to consider your product or service. These are a few techniques every seller should use to guide them:

-          Challenging the client to answer his own question. Nothing will have more power of conviction than the answers they come up with by themselves.

-          Talking about what’s new, what’s better and explain the difference as short as clear as possible. Offer answers, not stories.

-          Telling the clients about the results and how the top companies or other people obtained them

In the end, it all comes down to how the seller communicates. All services and products have their own flaws. If the perfect ones were on the market, technology would’ve stayed a concept and not a way of living.

So one thing a seller can do is emphasize the advantages of their own product or service.  A purchasing decision is usually made, not by the product, but by how the client can be lured into a mood and state of mind that will eventually choose one product over another.

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