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Posted on 19 December 2016

You want to help, not to sell

 One of the fastest and most productive ways to build a relationship with your clients, and win their trust, is to demonstrate that you are more interested in helping them, rather than just making a sale.

More often than not, clients are more concerned about how much you care about their needs and less about you being the best at what you do.

One of the easiest ways to get there is by being honest. If they come to you for a certain service, they’ll expect you to sell it to them no matter what. What they don’t want is for you to emphasise the disadvantages or the flaws with your product or service.

So, if they want to buy or use your service, or product, you can be honest and, at the same time, aim for a sale by explaining that they might want to try something different. Maybe it suits them better, maybe the quality is higher? No matter the reason, implying that you care about the results of the transaction will increase the chances to sell.

So what will this approach do?

First of all, it will prove that you understand their needs and that you will treat them with the respect they expect.

Second, it will make them see you not as a regular seller, interested in selling anything in any possible way, but as somebody who cares about them and their company.

And, most importantly, it will enhance their trust in you. They will appreciate your sales experience, and confidence in your product or service, to be able to offer best advice, even though it may not result in a sale for you.

Of course, many might argue that this will sometimes not be at all advantageous for the seller, but neither will be a service that will not please the client.

Because of the amount of available information nowadays, clients find it more and more difficult to make the right choice, because of all the options open to them . So sometimes the only thing that can make difference is the outstanding service and clarity you give to a client, so that they feel they are making the best decision possible – they won’y forget that feeling of empowerment you’ve given them.

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