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Senior Team

Mike Kirkman

Founder / COO / Alpha Wolf

Mike brings a wealth of business development and sales experience to the wolf pack.  His area of expertise includes working with finance, training, communications and events based companies.  He has a proven record in helping companies grow their bottom line and also combines client presenting and training skills in his current role.

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Mark Young

Founder / CEO / The Wolverine

Mark is our superhero leader who also manages the award-winning, leading training company in digital media - Academy Class.  Along with Love Social Media and Iron Wolf Calling, all three companies leverage off his energy to help our clients businesses grow and develop.

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Paul Sampson

CXO / Akela Wolf

Paul is the king of copywriting, marketing, emails and campaigns in general.  Never one to shy away from hard work and always keen to roll up his sleeves.  Paul is a very well connected wolf that not only pulls the IWC strategic vision together, he helps train the new wolf cubs to become superstars.

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