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Appointment Setting


Iron Wolf Calling sets appointments for you with decision makers.


Here’s how we provide you with the best appointment setting service:

Our main goal is to contact qualified decision makers, discuss your proposition, gauge interest and set appointments for your team.

We'll set as many as you need in each region, for each salesperson.


  • We represent you, having learned the brand, the project scope and objectives.
  • We set a call-back line that we answer in your name, or sending emails on your behalf.
  • Appointments are scheduled on your calendar.
  • You can download the calling records with our call notes, 24/7 from a private portal.
  • Emails confirm each appointment.
  • Produce detailed reports, showing measured progress towards the goals.

Your sales people want to be in front of customers, not making warm or cold calls. Now you can keep your salespeople on the road, not next to the office coffee machine!

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