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Client Retention & Win-Back


Retaining and also reclaiming your clients.

Up-selling to an existing client and reclaiming a former customer is much easier and less costly than selling to new clients, it almost goes without saying. But it's not a right, it needs work!


We’re experts at retention and Win-Back campaigns.


With our help, you can reconnect with formers clients and regularly keep in touch with your existing base.

Special announcements, courtesy calls, requests to place additional orders Like the idea?


Here’s how we can help you do it:

  • Call inactive clients or those who have reduced their order volumes.
  • Follow up by email and fax.
  • Then follow-up by phone to ask if they've received it.
  • Accept orders over the phone, warm transfer returning clients and set appointments for you.

We'll keep clients close to you. We do all the leg-work to get them re-connected and encourage clients to return and continue placing orders.


How does that work for you? 


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