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Event Registration


Webinars, seminars, trade shows – all crucial, client-making, profit generating events


They all contribute to extending your sales reach, your authority and authenticity.

You may well be spending a lot of time and effort in arranging events. So why not make sure it all works?


With Iron Wolf Calling, you will see a dramatic boost in the attendance figures. Further, our registration lists provide incredibly valuable information, essential to your prospecting and sales processes.


After you have been to an exhibition and left cards in gold fish bowls, etc, how often have you had follow-up calls? Exactly! So why EVER do some companies even bother to attend?


We'll follow-up with attendees two days after the event - that will impress them - 'Wow, this company is on the money' - with outbound calls and emails to let them know you love them and want to talk to them. 


Here’s how we help you put participants in front of you:

  • Follow-up with ‘Personal Invitation’ and ‘Save the Date’ announcements – and update the list with confirmed participants.
  • Get trade show participants to your stand and set meeting times.
  • Invite key individuals to webinars, speaking engagements, nationally and locally.
  • Send and receive emails for each event, updating your participant list.
  • Provide both professional calling and administrative support to secure attendance, and maintain constant enrolment and participation data.

It takes considerable resources to plan events, and to make it worthwhile you need participants.


It’s hard work getting the right people to your events, but we’ll make it work for you.


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