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Your Sales Team


Iron Wolf Calling – your inside sales team.

Our objective is to become the highly-valued, outsourced extension of your organisation.

Our team is as keen as mustard and we work as your sales team.

We’ll dive deep into your business and your brand, getting to know your company, your style and your target market in order to know how to present your offering flawlessly.


When prospective buyers talk to us, they will be talking to a competent member of 'your' team.


Here’s more about how your spec-ops inside sales team will help you:

  • Build and maintain a long-term calling team who do the magic with your clients.
  • Allow you to increase or decrease your work flow to fit your clients’ buying patterns or your workflows – without losing any resources on your team.
  • Provide regular and detailed reports as well as account management discussions.
  • Always looking at split-testing and tweaking to improve.
  • Utilise our CRM system – or yours – to document results, create reports and document results.
  • Provide taped calls according to preference.
  • Produce reports to prove our effectiveness and competence.

We'll represent you, that includes maximising qualified results and communicating effectively. We’ll be your long term ‘inside sales team’.


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