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Lead Generation


Iron Wolf Calling - Generate leads & create buyer interest

-     Decision maker, address and email list building

-     E-newsletter list acquisition

-     Organic search engine results


Your sales team may have other things to do, like meeting new customers and working the current customers.


If you do want them in the office making routine calls, then you won’t need us for this job, at least!

We’ll systematically work through the lists and identify potential clients who want to know more about your products or services. Then we forward these solid leads to your sales team for follow-up.


It’s the perfect system where your sales team focuses on closing sales.


Here’s how we help you generate more qualified leads:

  • Forward qualified and interested leads to your sales team, with all useful information, making a continuous flow of qualified leads.
  • Create a competitive program that allows IWC callers to not only reach, but get motivated prospects and main influencers on the phone.
  • Work with your CRM system.
  • Provide you will excellent lists by region, postcode, genre, contact.
  • Produce competitive reports which provide the cost per qualified lead.
  • Engage in conversation with decision makers to see their level of interest.
  • Allow you to download and view the calling file with our notes, 24/7 from a private portal.
  • We provide a constant flow of fresh leads and allow you to focus on the main process of selling and closing.


Your sales team will sigh with relief when they will no longer have to engage with the time-consuming task of cold calling - that’s our job, and we’re the best at it.


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