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Lead Qualification


Iron Wolf Calling – Qualify leads.

We often find that our clients’ product range is not understood by their clients. Our telemarketing teams use your qualifying criteria to identify the strongest prospects for you.


We can weed out those who will never purchase your product or service. Persistently contacting people who are ‘just wrong’ for your product is costing you money to maintain. 


Here’s more about how we help you with lead qualification:

  • In order to collect critical lead qualification data we customise our database with the fields that are most important to you. 
  • Call your prospects until we retrieve key information. That may involve deep searching methods through social media. (where we are expert).
  • Find qualified prospects who are using or keen on your product and we’ll e-mail these targets to you.
  • Provide more helpful data such as existing provider, existing contract timeframe, and other qualifying information to help future sales pipeline.


Our main focus is providing you with qualified and interested prospects who want to know more about you as well as providing value-added information that will be invaluable to your sales people.


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