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Membership Drives


Iron Wolf Calling – Are you losing members?

In need of staff to reassure members before they time-out?


Let Iron Wolf Calling handle your calls to members, to endorse the value of their membership by re-stating the benefits and any new products, advantages and special offers. (Well, how much will their cancellation cost you?)


Here’s how we help you with your membership drives:


  • Contact your expired or soon-to-expire members with sure and compelling reasons to continue membership.
  • Confidently and credibly represent your organisation – talk to members with appropriate tone and respect.
  • Make membership renewals by phone, or warm them up and transfer to you.
  • We’ll ask them for referrals. 
  • Provide you with timely and complete updates of each record, so the reasons for cancellation are clear and understandable
  • Most importantly, we provide you with all accounts of saved memberships!


Reaching out and saving expiring members can be monotonous and time-consuming – this is where Iron Wolf Calling is so effective. We thrive on it and we love winning-back your customers.


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