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Imagine Your Sales Pipeline Filling Up With Hot New Leads As Your Virtual Sales Team Builds Your Business 24/7


If you want more opportunities flowing into your business, running  through your sales pipeline and filling up your order book to the brim (without wasting time, energy and budget trawling through endless CV's searching for more salespeople or seeking out an expensive marketing agency), this is for you.


Everyone knows that in order to grow your business you need to continually find new leads, nurture them until they are ready to buy and convert them into clients. The problem is that identifying the "hot leads" in your marketplace can take months or years using conventional methods.


Networking is a very slow process. Social media takes forever. Advertising is haphazard at best. And "cold calling" can waste hours of your precious time playing cat and mouse with elusive gatekeepers devoted to blocking your call to the key decision maker.


Result is that your best sales people, your most effective resource with a talent for influencing and persuading people to buy are wasted. Instead of sitting down face to face with potential clients, talking, explaining the benefits of your solution, handling objections and closing deals, their time is spent doing the wrong thing, and they are frustrated! They sit in front of inhuman PC's searching through LinkedIn, the web or business directories or networking looking for prospects. That's not a productive use of their talent, skills or valuable time.


And it may mean your competitors get there first!


That’s why, we thought, there must be a better way...


The effective way to get new leads


We'll show you how to make consistent lead generation easy. Turn on your lead tap every morning, and watch a steady flow of "hot" new leads pouring into your sales funnel. And the more leads that pour into the top of your funnel, the more cash pours out of the bottom.


Sounds too good to be true ?


Well, I know how you feel. We felt that way too, until we discovered a step by step system to put LinkedIn, email marketing, technology and automated marketing to work, automate the process and nurture leads until they are qualified to buy, so that your own team can work on high value, high potential appointments and close more deals.


That's why we created your virtual sales team.


  • Step 1: Research and identify your perfect ideal client (no time wasted on low quality suspects).
  • Step 2: Capture your prospect’s contact details from Linkedin and other reputable social media and web sites
  • Step 3: Nurture your prospects with email marketing
  • Step 4: Call the people who engage with the emails and qualify when they are ripe  to buy (using automation software to make 20% more calls per hour).
  • Step 5: 30 day follow up to continue talking to those people who don’t request an appointment immediately


Because, when you find a way to get a consistent flow of new sales leads into your business...

(potential clients who already know, like and trust you), your revenue and your bottom line will grow exponentially.


Here's a simple illustration...


Imagine you want 100 new leads for your business.


Using conventional methods you would search for suspects, identify their needs to convert them into prospects and then qualify them as leads. You may need 1,000 or more suspects to get 100 qualified leads, and if it takes even thirty minutes for your sales team to identify a suspect, that's 500 hours. Crazy!



Here's why you will want to use your Virtual Sales Team


We send you a stream of high quality hot new leads predisposed to buy, with verified Budget, Authority, Need, and Timescale, saving you all the wasted time, effort and cost funnelling them down until they are ready to purchase.


This means...


  • Less valuable sales effort wasted on low quality "suspects"
  • More targeted hot new leads based on the profile of your ideal target customer
  • More engaged leads that have been "warmed up" with email marketing and telemarketing
  • More nurtured leads who have been educated on your proposition and credentials
  • More qualified sales leads coming into your business with verified Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale
  • More sales and more business growth for your business


You’ll have a flexible pipeline that you can scale up or down to keep your sales consistent and your business growing. Period.


And the good news is, you can get guaranteed sales growth...


For an amazingly low investment


Prices starting from £1497 + VAT.  Please get in contact with us if you wish to discuss how we can work together.


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