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Why Iron Wolf Calling?

Flexibility. Expertise. Results.

Our unique approach to lead generation gives you an immediate advantage over your competitors. It's an approach that has taken a decade to develop and hone. Along the way, we've overcome every obstacle thrown in our path, making each subsequent campaign more effective than the last.

We have now firmly staked our claim as leaders in effective, high quality lead generation. Our approach is fresh and honest. It gets results. 

Iron Wolf is different

We know you want a reliable, dependable partner who understands your brand and knows your products. 

Our PACK methodology allows us to align our goals with yours at the beginning of every campaign. We know that one-size never fits all and PACK enables us to plan and agree what success looks like. This ensures that our team understand exactly what and how your message should be delivered and what kind of results are expected.

Our management team lead this process on every contract.  



We offer you a flexible, dependable lead generation service that will make you feel at ease that we are very much part your team. Our intelligent reporting suite keeps you updated on our productivity and progress, enabling you to freely track and measure your campaign's performance.


We Succeed

Your campaign will succeed because you will have highly educated, eager and hungry Iron Wolf staff working on your behalf.

Your campaign will succeed because we offer a fresh solution to an age-old problem. We won't just process pre-purchased lists of cold calls, we'll use unique methods to hunt down and nurture new leads and transform them into paying customers for you.


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Let our wolves do your hunting

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