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New Style Telemarketing

‘Old School’ telemarketing is dead!

Cold calling has got a bad name (like PPI & charity marketing) but ‘approach calls’ are different.

We only use highly-trained, switched-on telemarketers who are well-versed in representing your products and services. There are no underhand contact tricks or client traps. You give us a thorough brief and we represent your brand in the way you prefer.


Every call is a fresh call

Representing your brand is something we take seriously but we believe that you and your clients don’t want dull, scripted conversations. We use a style of respectful enthusiasm that we know you and your clients will like.

You will be working with switched-on people who make sure that each call sounds original and structured but never scripted. There is more to telemarketing than tenacity!

The Iron Wolf Calling team is as fresh at the end of the day as it is at the start. Your prospects and clients will enjoy talking with us!


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Let our wolves do your hunting

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