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We're Different

Generating interest in your products and services is only the first step.

We’re different

We offer a customised service for both UK and International clients. Our telemarketers are graduates, they're smart, keen, they learn your brand and product range quickly. They specialise in finance, pharmaceutical, legal, retail, manufacturing, real estate, advertising and even some quite unusual products.


We keep ahead of the field

We are business marketing professionals and we recognise that you may want to switch your range of go-to-market options quickly as opportunities arise. We can switch tack quickly, close one course and open others overnight.


Iron Wolf Telemarketing:

  • Pre-work
    Outsourcing and telemarketing are only effective when they are well-structured. We go-live when we agree the model and you're happy with it.
  • Identifying the potential
    Iron Wolf Calling identifies untapped markets for you. We do this by carefully scanning your existing customer base and identifying common buying patterns. Then we market your product to individuals who are most likely to buy.
  • Structured conversations 
    We prepare engaging opening statements and gain prospects’ interest to know more. We ask the right questions and actively listen.
  • Useful, intelligent management reporting - we give you the numbers, yes, but also give you real dialogue, i.e. the customer voice, not convenience box-ticking or clichés. 

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Let our wolves do your hunting

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